Life Can Be A Balancing Act

Life can be a balancing act! Just like the juggler who keeps many balls in the air, our modern culture requires that we be able to multi-task, keeping many things going at once. This is not only true of activities in our lives; it is also true of balancing our emotions, thoughts, physical and spiritual needs. When one gets out of balance, everything else gets off skew. Then instead of rolling smoothly down the road, it is like driving on a lopsided wheel that clunks down the road.

Just think of how difficult it is to maintain a positive attitude when you are physically sick. It is hard to be upbeat and cheerful when you nose is runny, your throat is sore, and you have a headache. Have too much mental pressure at work, and it is a struggle to come home and be emotionally present for your family. Suffer a major loss and be thrown into the emotional journey of grief and loss, and your spiritual life can suffer. Neglect your spiritual life and it can seem impossible to get the other areas of your life in alignment.

Everything is connected to everything else. Yet we live as if each area of our life was in a separate little compartment. Maybe it comes as a result of living in a fast-paced world, but it is impossible to neglect one area of our lives without the other areas being affected. Life is a continual process of coming into balance.

It is usually not too difficult to identify where your life is out of balance. We become symptomatic when things are not running smoothly. Take a quick inventory of each of your vehicles, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual and see if any of them are showing signs of fatigue or neglect. Where might you need to make a change?

Our ability to be a channel for the Spirit and for the healing love and Light of God to flow through us to the world is directly connected to our ability to stay in balance. God does not abandon us; we just create blocks in our lives that the Spirit can either work past or not.

If we are too tired, we will not have the energy to respond to the promptings of Spirit regarding the needs of someone in our lives. If we are too emotionally upset, we have all we can do to take care of our own needs. If we have destructive, judgmental thoughts towards others, or ourselves we will resist working with certain folks. If we have no consistent spiritual practice, our connection with Spirit will be weak and our hearing poor.

Some questions you might ask yourself:

Where might you begin today to create more balance in your life?

What is your top priority to bring your life into balance?

How might your being out of balance affect the overall quality of your life?

How will you know that things have improved?

If you need help, by all means seek out someone who can help you. We can either struggle alone or we can have assistance along the way. Friends, family, professionals, and God's Spirit are all wonderful allies to help us along the way. There is no reason for us to journey alone.