The Path to Knowing Yourself

Who am I? It is one of life’s most haunting questions. From the time we are children we seek to understand who we are. We look to our parents, as if in a mirror to understand our identity and reason for being here. But because our parents are seldom fully enlightened beings themselves, they only offer a cloudy picture of who we are and we mostly grow up confused with only a partial or distorted picture.

Part of the wounded feminine is about a wounding in the way we grow to understand ourselves. The feminine aspect within creation, being receptive in nature, looks to others to gain a sense of identity.

Generally we can look at the difference in the way different genders are raised and gain somewhat of an awareness of how this happens. Boys are usually encouraged by their fathers and society to be achievers and to gain mastery of their environment and their emotions.

Girls are generally focused towards relationships and being nice and thoughtful. Even though there is a greater tendency within western cultures to nurture achievement in girls, the collective force of the unconscious and prevailing cultural tendencies still encourages girls to look in the mirror so to speak, not only literally, but metaphorically, to gain a sense of self.

Women have a greater tendency to look to others, to their looks, and outward to gain a sense of who they are. Men have a greater tendency to look towards achievements and mastery to sense who they are.

Neither of these ways of looking gives us a sense of our true identity, higher self, or holy soul, depending on what you want to call it. They are all distorted, partial mirrors. Although relationships and achievements can give us clues as to who we are, none of them provides answers to the deeper question of our authenticity. They are all lenses and some of them quite distorted ones at that.

To gain a true sense of our identity and higher self we must look to the Source of our being. Since most of our worldly mirrors are distorted and cloudy, it is only by looking to our Creator that we can get a truer, clearer picture of our identity and purpose.

We access this information by connecting to Source through the power of the Holy Spirit. This is done in meditation, by going within, by quieting the mind and emotions, and asking for the Spirit’s help in understanding who we are and why we are here.

There are no quick answers to these questions. In reality, your sense of identity will unfold over your lifetime. There are many things you already know about yourself, but are too timid to accept. Staying grounded, or centered, means staying within the truth of what you know to be true about your own holy soul. You don’t give your power (identity) away by looking to others for confirmation about what only the Spirit can verify as authentic.

By focusing on service and ministry to others you will strengthen you own core sense of self and purpose. When we seek to know in order to serve, doors open for us and we gain a greater access to our own holy soul. We were born to give in service to others. When our search for authenticity and self leads us in service back to the world, our sense of who we are grows exponentially.

If you want to know who you are, go to Source and ask to know in order to serve. If you are faithful with what you are shown, greater truths will open to you.