Source Connects Us All--Part Two

When I live in ignorance believing that I affect no one, when I believe that my interests, choices, and behaviors do not impact the greater group, then I live in darkness. The greater my connection with Source, the more aware I become of the power of my influence, choices, and behaviors, the more I become a vehicle and a channel for light in the world. This is the true definition of enlightenment. It means that the darkness of ignorance and separateness has been replaced with a connection with Source and with others. I am filled with light from the Creator and become an agent for positive change in the world.

Just like one candle lights the darkness, just imagine what would happen if more and more people chose to live their lives with a connection to Source and become a vessel for light. Too often, our religion has been a selfish one. Salvation is not just a personal issue. Just as the text asks, “What does it profit someone to gain the whole world, but lose their own soul?” We must ask, “What does it profit me to gain my soul, but the whole world is lost?” If we are filled with the love of God, the destruction of the world is a very sad thing indeed.

By committing one’s life to this end, one sets their feet upon the path of gnosis. Gnosis seeks light. Daily spiritual practice becomes the most important vehicle for change in the world. There really is something that we can do to make a difference. Ironically, it is within our very reach, but we imagine that it is far off.

We are all given the gift of time. What we do with it indicates whether we are seeking light or wandering around in ignorance. If we are constantly busy trying to survive but have no time for listening to the voice of Spirit, we will continue going in circles until we someday decide that we can make a difference in the world starting with our own life.

We don’t have to change our whole life all at once. All that is required is a commitment to begin to spend time everyday in spiritual practice. Even if you only begin with 15 minutes a day, you will start to change your life. As your life changes, you are beginning a change in the whole world.

Amazing, isn’t it, that 15 minutes a day could change the world?