Source Connects Us All--Part One

There was a break from the rain yesterday and it seemed that you could hear the whole of creation take a giant gulp as it tried to absorb the huge amount of precipitation that we have had. We have had many rainy days this winter, more than usual it seems, so a tiny piece of dryness is much appreciated.

I had what I call a rainy day recently. It was the kind of day that the tears came easily and seemed difficult to shut off. Not unlike our weather it seemed. And perhaps our rainy days are related. We are all connected. In spite of our feelings of separateness, we are really all one. The same breath of life breathes through us all. It is only in ignorance that we feel alone.

Some call this feeling cosmic ignorance, as it seems that we all experience a sense that we are separate from one another. Part of enlightenment, or being filled with the light of God, is a growing awareness that we are all a part of God’s great plan. What happens to one thing in God’s creation, affects us all. When we wake up to this realization we are no longer alone.

Our world is currently being shaken. Just look at the news around the world and you will be left with no doubt that we are struggling. There are so many decisions we need to make. We see the discrepancies regarding the well being of humans and the vast differences in available resources. A few have much and the rest have very little—sometimes not even a place to call home. Changes in weather patterns are evidence of the poor care we have taken of our home. Even now, we are not all convinced that it is our fault or that there is something that we can do about it.

The war between individual interests and the greater group good looks like it is not going very well. Perhaps we need to focus our attention on what we personally can do to make a difference rather than focusing on how large the problem is. After all, each person adds up to make the whole. If I change something in my world, it changes something worldwide. I may not be able to see the changes, but they are visible to those unseen agencies in God’s kingdom that can.

Just like a stone dropped into water will send out ripples clear to the shore, so will corresponding changes affect the greater group. This gives us an idea of our connectedness.