Who Am I?

Living in this world it is so easy to get trapped into over-identifying with your personality. What we think of as self is usually what we have come to know as our name and form. Ask someone who they are and they will respond with their name and occupation.

I would respond by saying, “I’m Julie Smith. I live in Oregon. I am a mother and wife. I like to write, study spiritual subjects, sing, ride horses, etc.” Even though all of these things are true about me, they are not who I really am. Or rather, they are not the complete picture of who I am. In fact, I don’t yet know the extant of who I am. The same can be said of you. Who you think you are is only a tiny picture of who you really are.

We are a spark of holy inspiration from the mind of God. Our true identity is something that we will understand over the course of eternity. Who we are right now is only a tiny picture of who we will become. This is good news and bad news. The good news is this is not all there is! The bad news is that I really have very little idea about who I am!

The mistake most of us make is to think that we are that little piece that we know of as self. When the higher self is referred to, it is speaking of our birthright, our heavenly or divine self. This is what God had in mind when God created us.

Just for today, imagine who God made you to be. Stretch your mind and heart beyond the limitations you currently place upon yourself and envision what God had in mind when God made you. The possibilities are endless. Ask Spirit for help in giving you divine inspiration as to who you really are. Listen carefully for the answers and watch for clues throughout the day. In the evening, thank Spirit for the gifts you received.