Divine Healing

Love is so powerful that it possesses healing properties.
It is a powerful energy.
We experience healing from the healing power of God’s love.
This was the basis for the miracles of Jesus.
The power of love flowed through his heart
and as people reached out to him for help
the healing compassion of God’s love performed a miracle.

We think of miracles as events that are out of the ordinary
and yet we are all familiar with love.
What we are not so familiar with
is love so great and so powerful
that sickness and darkness flee from its presence.

Love heals.
It is the basis for all healing and all miracles.
It is Divine Magic.
Although we may not posses the power of God’s love,
we can learn to be vehicles for healing love.
When we open our hearts to our Creator
and when we volunteer to be used for a channel of love,
God will begin to work through our lives
to bring love and healing to others.

Our job is to keep our hearts open towards God
and towards others so that we won’t let our own unloving thoughts
or behaviors block this channel of healing love to the world.
This is why our spiritual practice
and remaining in active service to others is so important.
They both keep us connected to our purpose
and mission to be a vehicle of healing love to the world.

As Paul reminds us in I Corinthians 13, the love chapter,
we may possess all manner of spiritual gifts,
but if we do not have love,
the others are pretty much useless—just a clanging gong
—a noise in the world.
Religion, when devoid of healing love is just that
—a whole lot of noise and commotion.

To revitalize your own experience with God,
seek to know love,
to be filled with love,
and to share love.
You are then on the path of becoming a Divine healer.