The Promise of Spring

Today is the first day of spring! It is a time when the balance of daylight and darkness is equal. It calls us to create balance in our own lives. As new growth starts to burst into life after a long cold winter, allow the increasing length of the springtime sun to warm and encourage your heart. Here is a short prayer that came to mind as I counted the blessings that my Creator has shared with me this morning and as I contemplated the meaning of balance in my life.

May I keep within me a balance
of empty and filled
so that I am never too parched nor ever too full.
May I always know
the power and energy of the masculine
balanced with
the receptivity and beauty of the feminine.
May I walk the path of the middle road;
on-center the path of Jacob's Ladder.
May I demonstrate a balance
of mercy and justice
in my thoughts and actions
towards myself and towards others.
May I dance with joy
the dance of life
filled with change and the unknown.
May it be to me
a dance of mystery and delight.
May others dance with me
as we journey in a happy today
and towards a brighter tomorrow.

Peace and Happy Spring!