Create An Expansive Space--Create Order--Part Six

Creating order and cleanliness in your current spaces is an important step in leading towards more expansiveness in your life. Many times we wish to be magically removed from the lives that we have created. If they are filled with chaos we wonder who made this mess we are living in. Until we look in the mirror and own up to the mess that we have had a part in creating, we will be unable to do anything about it.

Before you spend all your time and energy deciding on how to move to a new location or job, see what you can do to straighten up any messes you currently have in your life. There are many different kinds of messes we can create. We can have a messy relationship, messy boundaries, messy spaces, and a messy family!

Creating order in our current life spaces helps us to clarify what needs to change and what is not working in our current situation. This makes it easier for us to identify and articulate goals for change. Begin where you are.

There is no magical bridge into the future. The reality is that we must do things today in order to have a different tomorrow. A good place to begin is by taking out the trash. Literally. Start to create change today by removing any visible garbage from your space. For some this may require several trips to the trash heap.

Figuratively you can see that this can also apply to other areas of life. Sometimes there are things that need to go in our lives. They may be bad habits, unhealthy relationships, or a pile of stuff that threatens to chain us down. The cleaner and clearer you can become in the current space you have, the better you will be able to see where it is you would like to go.

So, what can you take to the garbage heap today? That’s a good place to start!