Create an Expansive Space--Imagine--Part Two

To create an expansive life you have to first imagine it. You have to first envision being a different way in the world before you can actually be a different way. All creation begins with thought. When we are able to form a clear vision or picture of what we want and where we want to be we are on the path to making it happen.

Most of our stuck-ness in life is a result of a poor imagination. We have fallen asleep at the wheel of our own life and have forgotten the childhood magic of daydreaming. Remember when you could be anything that you wanted? All you had to do was to go off into this magical place in your head and you were instantly transported to being an Indian princess or maybe even a wild, prancing horse! Folks looking on might not have seen a literal horse, but you were a horse in spirit and essence and perhaps, they did see a prancing horse!

How delightful it was to have the freedom to be anything your heart and mind could dream up! But then we grow up and we stop dreaming. Reality becomes a hardened case in which we trap our souls and imaginations and the possibility of soaring through life as a unicorn is just a silly, childhood fantasy.

Now I have exaggerated a bit to try and make a point. Most adult are not fantasizing about being a unicorn! But neither are they dreaming large dreams for their life. In order to manifest an expansive space we have to have an expansive mind. We have to remember how to imagine and to soar in the internal spaces of our hearts and minds. We have to learn to be in touch with the song of our soul.

If we have grown so rigid and confined in our thinking that we have forgotten how to daydream we are doomed to live in a stale, confined jail of our own making. The key to releasing our spirits from jail is to learn to once again imagine a new way of being in the world.

Just for today, imagine that you could do anything your heart desired. Let the spirit and essence of that dream fill you. Sit quietly with this vision and perhaps you can hear the distant sound of the song of your soul.