Create an Expansive Space

Create an expansive space in your life in which to grow. Wow, what an idea! Does your current life space give you room to expand and move into a greater sense of who you are and why you are here? Oftentimes we have created a very small world. Of course, we feel somewhat safe in this world, but we tend to fit the size of the container we have created. Just like a plant becomes root bound if left in a pot too long, so we become stunted when we don’t pay attention to the container in which we have planted our lives.

We usually know when our life space is cramped. We feel a bit suffocated. Flying and soaring through life with bliss doesn’t quite seem like a possibility under the current circumstances.

Think of the different life spaces you occupy. There are workspaces, home spaces, religious spaces, and social spaces. Does each space in your life help you become more of who you are? Your space should support your personal growth and un-foldment. If it does not, you will not be able to grow past the confines of your space.

It is not difficult to see that to create a more expansive space one might have to uproot their current life and replant or relocate into another space and environment. Most of us dislike the disruption and temporary chaos that this involves. Just like the mess that is created when you re-pot a plant, there is a mess created when we create a more expansive life.

It is never fun or easy to say good-bye, move on, or change your life. Because of this discomfort we often will trade our own personal growth for the sake of the short-term gain of temporary comfort. But we eventually feel the pinch of the compromise of living in a space that is too restrictive.

Only you can determine what is a good space for you. No one else can dictate what works best for you. You must decide and be willing to do whatever it takes to become well planted.

There is a scripture that I love that speaks of us as trees, planted by the living waters. Whatever space you choose, remember to choose one where your roots can expand and grow, your branches can spread up and out to the sky, and you will find light and nourishment for your journey.