Creating An Expansive Space--Desire--Part Three

What feeds our imagination? Our imagination can be fed from many sources. It can be fed by our ego when prompted by the many messages in our culture that promise that we will have a fulfilling life if only we own or do such and such. These are very alluring to our ego and can feed our imagination endlessly. They create desire within us. The only problem with ego desires is that the ego is insatiable. It is never satisfied and always hungers for something to fill it up and make it feel worthwhile.

Searching for our heart’s desire or the desire coming from a soul level is the best place from which to imagine creating an expansive space in your life. The soul knows what will help us to grow and flourish and most importantly it knows what we are here to do and how we can best accomplish it.

Ego desires, on the other hand, often distract us from our life work and true purpose in life. We can get caught up in creating the trappings of success and lose sight of the meaningful things we are actually here to do.

The problem we face then is knowing and hearing the voice of our soul. Deciphering the desires of the soul versus the ego can be difficult for us to do. We can best hear the message of our soul when we are quiet. In deep meditation you can ask your soul to speak to you its deepest desires. You may not receive an answer instantly, but with consistent, persistent effort you will begin to get a sense of your heart’s desires.

The soul’s desires are usually felt deep within the heart. There is a knowing that something is meaningful and right for you. In order for the soul to grow and flourish it needs spaces that allow for expansion. Controlling, restrictive, oppressive spaces make it difficult for the soul to unfold. Likewise, spaces that are supportive, rich in opportunity, and assistive help the soul to awaken and expand.

Asking your soul what type of space it needs in order to reveal itself to you will help to put you in touch with the desires of your heart. God placed within us a unique seed or pattern that longs to bloom into the beauty of what God had in mind when we were created. God’s thoughts towards us are beautiful and the desires that spring from our place of authentic being are the keys and the impetus to help us become well planted.