Creating An Expansive Space--Part Five

Imagination and desire are important components in creating an expansive, nurturing space. But at some point you have to come up with a plan of action to implement your heart’s desires. Sometimes we are so far from where we would like to be that it can seem impossible to get to our desired destination.

One of the things that can derail us on our quest for a meaningful life is materialism. Although our spaces inevitably contain material things, these things do not constitute spaces that are potentiating, healing, and nurturing. Expansive spaces allow room for personal and spiritual growth. Therefore, the qualities needed in an expansive space can be more esoteric in nature. In other words, when you are designing your ideal life you need to think about the essence of what makes you happy and able to be yourself in the world.

For example, if you are someone that needs to be up and moving around a lot, being chained to a desk for eight hours a day would constitute a restrictive space for you. Understanding your own needs for interaction with people, ideas, and objects is important to creating the right environment in which you can best create what you do best in the world.

This leads to another important point of essence—what do you like to create? Do you like creating relationships, work with words, plan, or implement? Do you prefer working with people or ideas? Inside or outside? Do you like a lot of interaction or do you work better in solitude?

You can see that in order to come up with a plan for your ideal day and life you must be clear about the types of spaces you are trying to create and exactly what qualities you need in order to be well-planted in your space. When we are well planted, we inevitably grow!

We often fail to make the changes we need in our lives because we refuse to make the simplest changes that are right in front of us. We may want to live on an exotic island, sipping a cup of tea and reading a good book, but if we can’t take the time to sit at our own table today and do just that, then we are really not very serious about creating spaces in which we can grow.

The very act of defining your heart’s desire and holding an intention to work towards manifesting these in your life is the first step to making them happen. Find something today that feeds your soul and do it. If it is spending time in quiet reflection, don’t spend another day without doing it.