Creating An Expansive Space--Part Seven

Creating an expansive space that grows us into our potential requires guidance from our soul. I think the soul speaks clearly to us, but it's voice is filtered through our many disappointments and hurts so that by the time it reaches us it is but a faint whisper that we can barely discern because of the many layers the message had to travel on it's way to our heart.

Clearing away the web of fear and mistrust that obstructs my inner knowing has been and continues to be an important part of hearing the voice of my soul. The questions arise because we can't hear properly. I find myself saying, "What was that? What did you say?" Being present on the journey is key. Being present alerts us to our aliveness whereas fear numbs us down.

When you sit in the forest and are still, you can hear even the softest of sounds that are not auditory when you are walking. Being fully present on the journey is being still enough to notice what is going on around me. My heart opens and fully listens. It sees and hears the beauty that is my life today. It makes today the epitome of my essence. It alerts me to changes in my course of direction.

I find that if I live each day authentically and alive that I sense much more quickly what needs to shift in my life. I can then be like the river, flowing at a steady rate, enjoying the beauty along the way, changing directions as needed, and a source of nourishment and refreshment for others.

Ahhh...May our lives each flow like the beautiful rivers that they are!