How Well Do You See?

How do you see the world? We all look at life through some type of lens or filter. Do you look through the lens of judgment—finding fault with others and yourself? Do you look through the lens of inferiority—always looking either up or down at others because of how you view yourself? Do you look through the lens of greed and materialism seeing life as something to be gained or acquired? Or do you look at life with fear seeing all that is threatening and unsafe?

It is probably safe to say that we have used all of these lenses at one time or another in our lives. The only reliable lens through which to view the world, however, is the lens of love. Some people refer to this as rose-colored glasses. True love does not distort, it merely chooses to view others and oneself from the perspective of the soul. It sees the inherent love and beauty put there by the Creator.

The lens we use to view life determines whether or not we will see clearly or not. Most lenses distort or slant the world. Think how differently life looks when viewed through the lens of abundance and love than it does through the lens of fear and scarcity. We create what we think about and focus upon. What kind of world are we creating right now?

We choose which lens we want to see the world through. We choose either to view others and ourselves with love and acceptance or not. Any other lens distorts the beauty that lies, sometimes deeply buried, within humanity. We are currently being asked in our world to come up with a better way of seeing. We have tried all of the other lenses of judgment, inferiority, superiority, greed, materialism, and fear. What do we have to lose if we whole-heartedly embrace the lens of love? In reality, what we have to lose is war, hatred, scarcity, domination, and destruction. Hmmm…might be worth the trade.