Becoming Who You Are

Are you becoming more of who you are or are who becoming more of whom you think you should be? Wouldn’t it be a shame to get to the end of one’s life and discover that all of life’s energies had been spent trying to become someone you are not? I can think of no greater tragedy than to miss out on being my true essence in the world. Yet, that is exactly what most of us spend a lot of our time in life doing. Playing to an audience the tune we think they want to hear.

It is somewhat inevitable that we will do this since we all start life out as a small child, completely vulnerable to the needs to please our parents and other adults in our lives such as teachers, pastors, and such. Then later one, there are bosses and spouses and other persons with power to effect our lives and we get even better at playing the song we think they want to hear.

Growing discontent with singing someone else’s song is what often times precipitates a mid-life crisis. At this point, one can become tired of always doing what seems will make others happy and at the same time finding out that it is completely unfulfilling. Many people start unraveling their lives at this point, trying to figure out just exactly what has gone wrong.

Happiness is doing who you are. This is God’s intention in creating you. God wants to make a unique creation through you. Being just like every other creature and not being your unique self misses the point of why you are even here. No two snowflakes are alike. The same can be said of every soul. We each have a unique song to sing.

It is never too late to start being true to your essence. Your essence is the core, the blueprint—the unique pattern of who you are. This pattern lies in your soul and is different than your personality or ego. You can begin to access the message of your soul through meditation and quietness. In deep meditation you can invite your soul to speak to you and tell you what you most need to hear.

By spending some time every day in meditation and reflection and then by writing down the impressions that you receive, you will begin to live a more soul-directed life versus an ego-directed life. This is the beginning of singing the song of your soul and of becoming who you were meant to be.