Developing a Greater Perspective

To see the largeness of the soul versus the smallness of the personality is a powerful and important goal. It is easy in life to see only the irritations and smallness of the personality, not only in others but in one’s self. We are much more than we appear to be, even to ourselves. If we could only remember this, we would cut each other a lot more slack.

We are all in the process of becoming a much larger version of ourselves. The soul contains the blueprint for the higher self or essence. We spend the majority of our time in the lower self we know as me. We encounter others mainly on that level, also. As a result, we see only the pettiness and irritations that accompany the ego and personality. Sometimes we find others and ourselves delightful, at other times, not so much so!

If I shift my perspective from the level of ego and personality, to the larger picture of the higher self of soul/spirit, my understanding shifts exponentially. I no longer see only the peculiarities of the individual, but begin to see and understand the larger, more beautiful essence of the soul. It is only from this perspective that the self can be truly understood. Anything else is merely a shell—a fa├žade.

Unfortunately, it is possible to live one’s whole life at the level of ego and personality. The good news, however, is that as consciousness on our planet expands, we are called to step away from viewing life only on the level of the ego and are introduced to the expanded perspective as life on the level of soul and spirit. From this perspective, many things that do not make sense on the level of ego begin to fall into place on the level of soul.

Part of the wounded feminine concept—that is, the concept that the feminine principle within creation, the realm of intuition, reflection of Spirit, and the sacred respect for planet earth—is that we have over-identified with the doing aspect of the masculine principle and under-identified with the Being aspect of soul. Part of our healing is to bring these opposite polarities back into balance.

One of the things that we can do to facilitate and participate in this healing process is to recognize and acknowledge the level of soul in others and in ourselves. In other words, we choose to see others as a much greater version of themselves than we currently do. This affects the way we respond. It means that we don’t get hung up in irritation and petty responses. It means that we demonstrate patience in our own personal growth and in the growth of others. It affects how we see everyone and how we treat them as a result.

From this mindset, racial prejudices don’t exist. There is no such thing as tribalism, nationalism, or denominationalism. There is no “ism” of any kind. If at the level of soul and spirit, everyone is equally gifted and prized by the Creator, how can there be anything of superiority or ego?

We access our soul through the quietness of going within and asking for the guidance of our Creator. Through the simple process of meditation and quietness we begin to hear the song of our soul. Once we have begun to hear this, it becomes impossible to not hear the music from the soul of our fellow travelers.

We are called to make a joyous song together. Can you hear the harmony and beauty of many voices singing together? Ah, this is paradise indeed—a little heaven on earth.