I Am A Donut?

Imagine a donut—any flavor that you like. Imagine that it is a huge donut, larger than any you’ve ever seen. It is the mother of all donuts. This is the image that came to me in meditation the other day. It was a metaphor for the soul. The center of the donut is your ego and personality. It contains all of your thoughts, emotions, and body. It is the smallest part of the donut. In fact, it gets dusted with powdered sugar and sold as a donut hole!

The main part of the donut is your soul. Now I had to laugh out loud at this metaphor. It seemed so silly, and yet there is so much truth in it. We go around through life living like we are only the smallest part of who we really are. In fact, we see only the smallness in others as well.

What would it be like if we were to live from the largeness of our soul instead of from the smallness of our personality? How would we treat others if we saw the beauty of their soul rather than the narrowness and limitations of the personality?

Through the process of meditation we gain access to that larger version of ourselves. By going within and meditating on the breath and focusing on the present we can transcend the smallness that we see in ourselves and in others. Meditation helps to build a bridge of awareness from our soul to our conscious mind.

So, what flavor of donut are you? I’ve always liked chocolate. As a matter of fact, I’ve never seen a donut I didn’t like.