Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

We give voice to what is in our hearts. If we are full of hope and love we give voice to words of encouragement, inspiration, and healing. If we are full of fear, we give voice to despair, doubt, and discouragement. Of course, we often vacillate between the two. But the idea of two fountains pouring forth both fresh water and seawater is contrary to nature. Can we be filled with both fear and love at the same time?

The words of the Apostle John come to mind, “Perfect love casts out all fear”. We know that God is love and if we abide perfectly in God, that when God lives perfectly in us, we will know no fear. If you want to know who is living in your heart, whether it is the Spirit of God or the ego, then listen to the words the proceed from your mouth. If they are words of fear, then you know that the ego is in control. If they are words of faith, hope, and love, then you know that the Spirit is living within.

Since we can see that sometimes we are living with the Spirit in control of our hearts and that sometimes we have the ego in charge, we can see the need for having a more dependable connection with Source. We come to the place where we want to have a more predictable connection with the Spirit.

When we desire this we are on the road to becoming accepted lightworkers in the world. To be an accepted disciple or lightworker means that we can be counted on. The Spirit can depend on us to be available in whatever capacity might be needed for the day. In other words, we can be counted on to be present to the promptings of the Spirit and not off on some emotional downer or tangent or crisis of faith that we are so prone to go off on.

You can see that this is a process of being present every day—it is where we are headed on our spiritual journey. We often fail to achieve this because we make excuses for our down times. In fact, we even indulge in negativity from time to time. “Oh, that is just the way I am” we will say, or “You can’t control your feelings, or thoughts, or whatever…” There is a part of us, our ego, which loves to be in control. It loves drama and fear and reactivity. It is what has served us well in the past.

To progress spiritually means that the ego must learn to take the back seat in our lives and allow our soul/spirit and connection to Source do the driving. It is not anxious to relinquish control; after all, it has been in charge for a very long time. But eventually, through the process of spiritual practice and learning that the soul can be depended upon, it can become the servant in your life rather than the master.

Remember, the voice of Spirit is filled with love. It does not entertain fear. “Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance. Three things will last forever, faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love.” 1Corinthians 13.