A Queen Rides By

There is a classic old story that speaks of a wise Queen and how she would fend off a potential crisis during hard times by simply dressing up in her best costume and riding around the entire countryside on horseback with her court in tow. It seemed that the mounting anxiety and worry that was accumulating throughout the country would abate as the people would see their Queen out hunting with her horses, dressed and kept, merry and enjoying life. The rumors of impending disaster seemed less likely and collectively the people rallied their own courage also. Many an oncoming disaster was abated by the Queen simply by a change in mindset of the people from one of tragedy to one of triumph.

The Queen in the story is a powerful metaphor for our thoughts and behaviors. When we think thoughts of tragedy and failure we attract those very events towards us. Likewise, when we think thoughts of success and abundance, those very things move towards us, also. There is great power in our thinking. We create the world around us by our thoughts.

This raises an interesting question—what type of future are we collectively creating right now by our thoughts? If you watch the evening news you will get the answer. If all you think about are hard times, recession, a stagnant economy, violence, disparity, and shortages of every kind, that is exactly what you will get. There is great power in what we collectively focus on. It is the beginning of the manifestation of those thoughts in the third dimension.

Imagine now, if even for one night, the news worldwide focused only on the positive. The only things talked about were dreams for a future with enough to go around for everyone, acts of kindness and generosity, reports of the miraculous breakthroughs in spirituality and science, and pictures and stories of the most beautiful places on earth.

What would happen, if for only one night, we all focused on what we would like our earth to become? It would be powerful, poignant, and would change our planet for the better. Imagine if only one night could make that kind of impact, what would one week do, or one month, or perhaps we would give up on focusing on the negative all together. Of course, we would start to experience a little bit of heaven on earth.

If we want to live in a recession, this is exactly what we will get. If, however, we decide we want something different we can create that also. Imagine the type of world you would like to live in and then start thinking those types of thought, communicating those ideas, campaigning for that type of world, and giving voice only to those things that you want to live with. We will get exactly what we hope for and think about.

It takes courage, just like the Queen, to put on your best face and proceed with life in the face of seeming gloom and doom. Have the courage and audacity to believe when others don’t. One by one, we can each change the direction and help create a better future for our children and ourselves. Dare to believe something good is about to happen.