Say Yes to A Greener Earth

An important understanding of Healing the Wounded Feminine is to develop more earth-friendly lives and thinking. I know for my part it is a matter of re-educating the way I do things. We have all done things that have inadvertently damaged our planet. Just going to the store and bringing home mounds of packaging that fill landfills for the next thousand years is one of these things.

It can be overwhelming when you start to think of the many ways that you need to change and it can be tempting to think that as just one person it won’t make any real difference anyway. Wrong! We all make a difference. This is one of most important spiritual principles to understand and that it the power of one. One person makes a difference. One choice makes a difference.

Think of the life of Jesus for one example. His one life changed things for all of us. Whether or not we are a Jesus follower doesn’t even matter, because he built a bridge back to God whether we believe in it or not. His life made a life of close connection to God a possibility for all.

But back to recycling—just changing one earth-harming habit into an earth-friendly habit makes a difference to our planet. Deciding on just one change you can make will make a difference. Taking a reusable-shopping tote to the market is a simple, easy way to put less plastic shopping bags in our earth. One other easy change is to buy a reusable water bottle rather than contributing to the billions of empty plastic bottles that we are currently generating.

There are a couple of current books on the market right now that provide simple, easy ideas about how to think green and are full of easy to implement ideas. One is “Gorgeously Green” by Sophie Uliano who was recently featured on the Oprah show. The other is “It’s Easy Being Green” by Crissy Trask. Both books emphasize the importance and impact of making small changes.

Rather than sticking our heads in the sand and thinking that this problem is going to go away we can awaken to the need to create a better future for our children and grandchildren. Mother Earth is the only home we have. We might consider being a little more loving and kind to her. God desires for us to participate in creating a new earth. Everyone gets to vote. I’m hoping that you are voting “yes” to a better future.