Simply Wonderful

Simple things afford the greatest luxuries. Think for a moment of things that cost you absolutely nothing, but that thrill your heart. A beautiful sunrise in the morning, spreading light across the sky, streaking the clouds with brilliant light and lighting up the dew on the grass like a city of lights at night. Or the spontaneous, warm hug from a small child for no reason at all except to tell you how much you are loved. Or maybe it is passing a field of red clover, blanketing the land like an expensive, velvet blanket with a ceiling of brilliant blue to show it off. And this is only a handful of delightful pleasures we receive at no cost from nature every day.

What about the simple things in life like the enjoyment of a cold drink of water, relaxing with a good book, or sitting in a luxurious, warm bath? Many of the things that bring a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment are things that we don’t have to spend great amounts of money on to enjoy. What we bring to the transaction is a sense of awareness and appreciation. In order to fully enjoy the simple pleasures of life we need to open all of our senses to the experience of life so that we are able to take in all of the beauty and enjoyment that is available to us absolutely free.

It is, oh to easy to spend our lives wishing that we had more—more clothes, a better car, a bigger house, more vacations, or more toys! But without awareness and appreciation those things would change nothing in our lives. Acquiring the next latest and greatest thing will add nothing. What is most needed is a greater perception of the moment.

When we are fully present and aware our eyesight increases. So does our sense of hearing, taste, and smell. Our intuition becomes more available to us and we begin to see the beauty that surrounds us. In reality, all of the enjoyment in life comes from a heightened sense of awareness and appreciation. It is equally available to the rich and the poor alike.

Our spiritual journey should help us to become more present and aware of the beauty and goodness in all of creation. A loving connection with God helps us to see the beauty in others and in ourselves. It is from this perspective that we become equipped to serve in the world as ambassadors of what true luxury and abundance is all about. It is what Jesus was talking about when he said, “The kingdom of God is here”. In order to see it we must have spiritual eyesight.

Look around you today and see if you can find hidden treasures that were previously hidden from your sight. This is the beginning of enlightenment.