Create Your World--Part One

We create our own reality. Of course, we don’t really believe this. We think that the world is created outside of us and we are just observing reality. If we realized that we have indeed created the drama that is going on around us we might be empowered to start creating something more to our liking. But, it is easier to think that the world happens to us rather than us happening to the world.

We attract circumstances to us that agree with our picture of what the world should look like. This is what we call reality. When our picture of what the world should look like changes, we start attracting different circumstances. This is why many people live with a scarcity model. They believe there is not enough to go around, so no matter how much or how little they have, it is never enough.

This is also why we can stay stuck in destructive relationships for years. We believe that we deserve to be treated poorly, so we stay in relationships that reflect our beliefs. We may say that we think we deserve better, but if we truly thought that, we would create a different reality.

It is the smallness of our own imaginations and desires that create small worlds. We build a little jail and then blame others for the circumstances of why our lives look the way they do. The good news is, that at some point we can wake up. We can begin dreaming bigger dreams and start thinking bigger thoughts. When we do, the world begins to magically change around us.

My life today looks nothing like it did ten years ago. It looks nothing like it did twenty years ago. It is constantly changing. It started changing for the better when I started dreaming bigger dreams and creating a larger picture of the world. When I took complete responsibility for how my life looked, blaming no one, I realized I was choosing to live in a nightmare. No one was doing it to me. Acknowledging my own power to choose was the key to my freedom and a new life. I woke up.