Love--the Healing Elixir of Life

We live in a fast-paced world. Expectations about how much we should accomplish in a day are very high. With all of our timesaving devices we have discovered that we just do more instead of taking that extra time to spend with family and friends. We are addicted to work.

When stress levels are high we are more prone to disease and accidents. Our sense of satisfaction with life and our feelings of goodwill towards one another wane. The light that we shine out into the world grows dim, sometimes disappearing altogether. Like the moon just before the new moon, our light is hidden as we attempt to gain strength for another round of activity.

For women, the issues are often compounded by the additional responsibilities of home and children. Many women are not only caring for the home but are also working full-time or even overtime. The pressure to keep up with the essential needs of life is overwhelming.

What is needed is the healing elixir of love. Love is a healing energy. When we take the time to be filled with love it makes all of the difference in the world whether we feel full of energy and are able to meet our responsibilities or whether we feel like we are running on an empty tank of gas. But where do you go to get this magic tonic? Do they sell it at Nordstroms by any chance?

We search high and low for love. We look for it in relationships. We look for it in careers. We look for it in food, drugs, alcohol, and sex. We search for it as for the Holy Grail. But very often, too often, we come up empty-handed and sometimes a little more battle-scarred and worse for the wear.

God is love is a well-known saying and yet there are many who don’t have that picture of God. Sadly, religion has wounded some folks more than it has sent them a message of the healing love of God. Sometimes it’s the saints in the church who do the harm.

Finding the healing love of God is indeed like the search for the Holy Grail. Many are turning towards the feminine aspect of God to find a restorative, nurturing picture of God. Exercising the feminine aspect within us is a means to open up to the feminine aspect of God.

To do this is to create space in our lives for quietness and meditation. It is in the silent space of becoming empty and inviting the Spirit of God to come into our hearts and speak to us that we learn to understand and know the healing, restorative love of God. The Spirit is the Divine Feminine. She responds to our opening and quietness and will come to us when invited.

It is because of our constant hurriedness and doing that we miss out on the Spirit’s gentle presence. The symbol of a dove is so fitting for the Divine Spirit of God. Just like you must become still and quiet to attract birds in nature, so too, we must become still and quiet so that the presence of the Spirit can be sensed and heard.

It is in the quiet presence of the Spirit that we are filled with the elixir of love. Our part is to do nothing but show up. Go ahead—give it a try. See if you can create some quiet and learn to hear the soft cooing voice of the Spirit whispering words of love and renewal into your ear and heart.