We Are All Connected

Today I am sitting at the edge of the ocean, breathing in its smells, tasting the salt on my tongue, hearing the sound of the pulsating waves, seeing the horizon that extends to forever and contemplating the healing powers of water. Grandmother Ocean brings healing properties with her waves washing onto Mother Earth. It is an ancient communication of messages from the deep—secrets of what we need to know to heal our hearts and follow the music of our souls.

Perhaps if we each one spent more time at the edge of the earth where the water meets sand and just listened—listened for the heartbeat of humanity that pulses in harmony and beats as one—we would realize our connectedness and our reason for being here. But, alas, we do not, and so we think that we are not connected and that we are each very different from one another.

But sitting at the space in-between—the space between worlds—one remembers and one knows. We are each a spark off the Divine. We each one have the same great eternal parents, and we are each a precious and valued child of God.

The ocean—our great maternal nurturer speaks the truth of the great love with which we were conceived and born. Returning to her is like sitting upon the lap of the matriarch and listening to her recite stories of when you were born and who walked before you. She reminds you that you have a purpose and that is to feel loved and to love. She is expansive and there is room for everyone.

She pats your face with salty kisses and plays boisterously, jostling you up and down on her great knee. On the floor she has scattered trinkets and toys for your amusement that you might remember that you are a child at heart. You are here to have fun and be dazzled with your birthplace.

Enjoy. Celebrate. Dance. Be alive. Your life will pass quickly. Open your eyes. Breathe. Love. Laugh and be filled with joy!