Fear Separates. Love Unites

Fear separates. Love unites. These are two of the most fundamental principles of the universe. It is also the main message of the New Testament. We are currently drinking the last dregs of our experience in fear. We are exhausting the possibilities of separation. We are getting ready to embrace the message of love. It is by embracing one another in love that we will be able to heal our planet and to once again create our Garden of Eden.

The ancient stories tell us that in the beginning we lived together in love and harmony in a garden filled with delights. When fear entered the hearts of man and woman with it came separation. We often find ourselves on the polar-opposite end of many issues, understandings, and discussions. It is evident in gender issues, politics, and religion. Separation permeates our society. We are fearful and create strong borders, boundaries, and policies that try insure our safety and separateness from one another.

The issues of immigration would be mute if we were not living in fear. But we hold onto our notions of separateness. The ego is afraid of losing its individuality and distinctness. It is afraid of the more soulful existence. It believes that resources are limited. It does not believe in an abundant universe and it is highly skeptical of a love that unites and believes that we are all One.

For us to truly be able to embrace the idea of a love that unites we must first awaken our soul. The soul sees from a higher perspective. The soul seeks to be in communion with God. The soul has the ability to see others as a spark of the Divine and it longs to be united with others.

The problem that we face is that we have been cut off from our soulful self. We all too frequently live only as an ego who worries about getting its needs met. Perhaps one reason that the soulful self is quiet is that we are too often busy. It is the feminine aspect in creation, the ability to be quiet and receptive, the desire to open ourselves completely to Spirit that opens the doorway to the soul.

When we learn to make time to go within it is then that we will awaken the soul and begin to hear the messages of love and abundance that God longs to speak to us. When we look outside of ourselves into the world it is easy to hear messages of fear and separateness. By going within and inviting the Spirit to communicate with our soul, we will start to awaken to a sense of love and healing.

Love unites everything that it is allowed to permeate. God is love. This is a message that we can only hear clearly in the quietness of our own hearts. Seek today to be filled with love. Ask that it pervade everything that you do, everything you think, everything you speak, and all that you are. You will not be disappointed. God is just waiting for an invitation.