More Than Enough

A lot of folks are feeling fearful these days. They are worrying about the economy, war, ecology, their kids, their grandkids, the condition of things. We recently refinanced our house and so I had a lot of interactions with our bank. They are feeling fearful, also.

Fear is an interesting thing. It is like a thick fog that descends over the consciousness and wraps its cold tentacles around the throat making it difficult for one to breathe. The eyes seem to squint through the darkness and everything appears to be a monster.

When we move into fear either collectively or individually, we have entered a different realm. Fear is the realm of scarcity. It is the land of Never Enough. It is the mindset of self-preservation and self-protectiveness. Fear stops us cold in our tracks. We become like a snail, pulled safely up into our shell and we move through life slowly, head tucked under for protection.

The opposite of fear is faith. Faith operates according to the principle of abundance. It is the Land of Plenty. It is the mindset of beauty, generosity, collaboration, ingenuity, and expansiveness. Contrasting the two—faith and fear—you can see that these are two different, opposite states of being and seeing. They each have a different physical address, so to speak. The important question becomes, which camp do you live in?

When life gets difficult we are given the opportunity to see where we live. We may think we live in the Land of Abundance, but when stressors appear whether they are personal, business, or economy related, it becomes clear by our responses what our core beliefs about the universe really are.

You cannot simultaneously live in fear and faith. We must choose which camp we are going to operate our lives from. We look at fear as an emotion, but in reality it is really a mindset. We may experience anxiety, but what we choose to do with this emotion determines whether we choose to embrace abundance or whether we embrace scarcity.

Circumstances really have nothing to do with whether the universe is abundant or not. It is an abundant universe and God is an abundant Creator. Source has never experienced a lack of resources! We, on the other hand, have difficulty viewing life through a clear lens. It is clouded by false beliefs about the universe, personal wounding, and disrupting emotions.

Moving out of fear into faith is one the important tasks on the Spiritual Path. It happens by developing an on-going relationship with the Source of abundance. Daily spiritual practice is key to developing a mindset and heart relationship that clears the lens of our understanding and opens our eyes to the spiritual abundance available to us.

Ask the Spirit for “eyes that see and ears that hear”. We are promised that if we ask we will receive. It is through spiritual eyesight that we are given the ability to see a wealth of abundance when others are seeing only scarcity.

When Jesus fed a multitude of over 5,000 with a small sack lunch, it was because he had the mindset of abundance and was connected to the Source of abundance. The spiritual laws of the universe are still the same today. Ask that you might receive. Seek so that you might find. Knock on the door and it will be opened.


Thank you so much for posting this Julie. I've been fighting fear all day. My 25 yr old son, who has Asperger's, has been missing a couple of days without checking in. Fear has such a hold on me, I could not concentrate on sending him good energy. Well, no wonder. :I: am not in a good space. I realized I needed to be at peace myself, remember abundant source.

A red flower backlit by the sun, making it look like a stain glass made me smile and calm enought to trust that all will be well.

Sometimes, faith vs. fear is like an athletic event.

Blessed and blessing you,