Wake Up and Make A Difference!

Are you a blessing counter or a worrywart? Have you ever noticed that you can’t be focused on the positive and still be anxious at the same time? In order to see all of the good things around us we have to turn our eyes and attention away from the negative.

From what I can observe it seems that to be employed in mass media communications you have to be on the lookout for the negative and ever-vigilant to make sure that not one iota of negative possibility is overlooked. Of course that is what people are interested in learning about and so that is exactly the atmosphere of reporting we have created.

But what would happen if we decided to focus on our blessings instead? It wouldn’t mean that we wouldn’t address issues that need changing, but they could be presented as such and a call to others to help remediate an imbalance.

It is possible that we could choose to also report the amazing breakthroughs in science, students that are excelling in school, and changes that are being made in the world. What if the news hour and the talk shows and the entertainment talking heads used their time and influence to give us an update on where we are making progress with our challenges.

Rather than reporting events that people feel they have no control over we could focus our attentions on how we could make a difference in the world. We are all connected and yet our current style of reporting puts us into a disconnected, victim type mentality.

Of course that would require a mindset that most of us have not learned to master. So I’d guess you could say our current evening news reflects the mindset of the majority. Or does it? We can talk ourselves in or out of a recession, just by what is reported. We can become collectively depressed or elated, just by the tenor of the news.

There is a universal principle in effect here and it is about the law of proximity—we become like those things we are most around. It is similar to the principle “that by beholding we become changed.” So it seems that the best way to change the world is to begin by changing myself.

I choose to look around the world and count the blessings and beauty in the people that I see. I have turned off the negativity of the news and instead pray for a more connected humanity and hold space for a world filled with hope where we love and honor one another and respond to the needs of those who have less than we do.

I know that I am not alone in my desire for a more positive world. Change is in the air. There has never been a better time to work for positive change. You can start today right in your own heart.