Healing Separation

Separation is one of the major problems on our planet right now. A sense of separateness from one another, from the planet that we call home, and a feeling of separation from God or Source keep us feeling isolated and alone. An important part of our spiritual growth and healing is recognizing the connectedness of All That Is.

From the Christian perspective, Jesus’ prayer in John 17 sums up the healing that our Creator has in mind for us—that we may be One—as Christ was One with the Father—as we may be One with Him—and that we may be One with one another. This reality requires nothing short of a miracle as what we call “sin” has created a great rift of separation between us all.

As I have explored some of the reasons for my own feelings of separateness I have discovered that many of them come from my wounds.. My sense of self, my ego has been damaged along the way and has caused me to see myself as different and separate from others. Until my sense of identity is founded upon something other than my own history and my wounds, I will continue to see myself as cut off from others.

True spiritual healing involves releasing my past and my wounds. It is letting the “old self” die off. I choose to no longer place my identity in the past or in what has happened to me. Instead, I embrace a new identity. The Apostle Paul calls it “putting on the mind of Christ” or “becoming a new creation in Christ”.

This is a process of allowing the Christ power to live in me. This is accomplished through a mutual agreement between the Spirit and myself. I come to God every day with a desire to be a new creature and ask that instead of living from my lower wounded self (ego) I instead be filled with the power of the indwelling Christ (higher self). By giving Source permission to work in my life in this way, I am on the road to transformation.

When Christ lives in me or when I am filled with the Spirit, my sense of separateness from others and from God starts to diminish. I am enabled to see a spark of the Divine in others, I see all of creation as coming from the hand of a loving Creator, and I recognize that I too, am a child of God. With this recognition, healing comes into my heart and life. The prayer of Jesus regarding Oneness begins to be realized in me and the great rift of sin on our planet begins to heal.