Lighten Up!

Do you realize that you have the freedom to do whatever you want with your life? Of course, there are the basic laws of the universe that we are subject to like the law of reaping and sowing, the law of gravity, etc., but by in large we are free to create our lives with the materials we have been given. So the big question becomes, “Do you like the life you have created? Does it feel like a life of freedom and opportunity?”

We create rules and limitations in our minds in order to feel safe and secure. We were indoctrinated as children into different belief systems. This was necessary and important for us to develop and mature. The problem, however, is that we often don’t develop past limiting beliefs.

Take for instance the belief that you are not a creative person. The reality is that we are all creative people, that is the way God designed us. But many folks were told at a young age that they should not waste their time trying to be an artist because they were definitely behind the door when God passed that talent out! So, they go through their whole lives believing that they cannot create anything and so they don’t. Their lives are flat and colorless. They live with a limiting belief structure that keeps them trapped.

Translate this idea into anything else that you can imagine—any talent, structure, or belief that you hold as a given reality. If you are honest, brave, and willing to do a little hard work, you can discover the root of many of your beliefs. Some of them are very poorly founded indeed! With a little excavation in your psyche you might even be able to unearth some real treasures! Some of these relics have no current value in your life at all and in fact can keep you living a very mundane, dull existence.

No one can tell you which beliefs need to go, which ones no longer serve you, which ones keep you trapped. This is your personal and important work. At some point, any belief can keep you stuck, but that is usually a long ways down the road from where we are now. For now, it might be a good idea to see if you can just let go of some of the more burdensome ones.

Once you lighten up a little and discover that perhaps you don’t need quite so much baggage, you might feel free to release a few more of your personal treasures. The road to freedom is littered with a lot of stuff folks have let go of. The journey is to be enjoyed. Lighten up!