Writing Creates A Pathway To Your Soul

One of the most powerful tools you can use to create a pathway to your soul or higher self is to write. Taking the time to express your highest spiritual thoughts in writing helps to create a link or bridge from your personality to your soul. It is an invitation to your soul to speak to you.

This can be a somewhat confusing task. Just how do you sit down at the computer or with pen and paper in hand and write something when you don’t have an end goal in mind? We are usually so task driven that we take this approach with everything including intuition and spiritual development.

This is a different type of writing, however, and can best be developed as an extension of your spiritual practice. You can use it as a continuation of meditation and prayer. After taking the time to read, meditate and pray, the soul is often full and it is a perfect time to invite it to share its highest aspirations and nudges.

Perhaps you start with a text that has inspired you, or a thought perceived during meditation. This can just be a sentence or two, but at least take the time to write it down. Often times, this is all that is needed to help create a flow of ideas. Just write freely without censuring or editing what comes to mind.

Make this time a conversation with your soul and shut out all thoughts of others or what someone else might think. By doing this consistently you will start to develop a relationship with your soul. It will notice that you are interested in what it has to say. When you shut down the inner critic and ego and allow the words to flow through you, you will find that you have more to say than you originally thought.

The Spirit speaks directly to our soul. One of the gifts in meditation and quietness is learning to hear the still, small voice of Spirit. By learning to sit quietly listening for the voice of Spirit we also learn to hear the voice of our own soul. Without the noise of the ego and personality and all of the incumbent “shoulds” that reside within it, we begin to discern the blueprint or essence of the soul.

When writing is done with the purpose of inviting the soul’s voice to be heard, when we stop to ask the Spirit for assistance and guidance, we begin to build a conscious bridge from the esoteric, quiescent land of soul and Spirit to the more exoteric, third dimensional land of the personality. The resulting words will help us to develop a path of service to the world and help us to find our authentic voice.

If ever there was a time for the soulful voices of men and women to be heard, now is that time. You have a unique voice to be heard at this time. By making a daily spiritual practice of writing a priority you are developing your unique ability to express God’s Spirit in the world.