How Much Is Enough?

"More Than Enough"

There’s a good chance that greed has a lot to do with our current economic crisis. It is easy to blame the “big players" in this picture and think that a few have caused all the problems. But blaming has never gotten me very far personally. I’m inclined to look in the mirror and ask myself “when am I greedy?”

There is a great Stuart Wilde quote about the God Force. He speaks about everything belonging to the God Force, so that when something is stolen or lost, we can simply respond with, “Oh, they’ve come for the…” (To read the quote look at "In the Care of the God Force on the Sept.23rd post)

So, this was put to the test a bit lately. I had purchased a small makeup bag, red in color, and very cute. I hadn’t had it for too long when it disappeared. I searched high and low and couldn’t find it anywhere. I finally checked back at the store where I originally purchased it and found that I could get another one. So, I bought a second one.

I thought if this one disappeared, then I wasn’t supposed to have it. It belonged to the God Force. Well, can you believe it? I didn’t have it for two weeks and it has once again vanished! Back to the God Force and out of my life.

I have been asking myself what the lesson in this is. It doesn’t take brilliance to figure it out. I have enough. Ah, three simple words, and yet so hard for us to say. Try it. “I have enough.” I’ve decided that perhaps standing in front of the mirror a few times a day and repeating it would be a good idea. “I have enough.”

Think of all the ways that we are invited to spend our money. Magazines, commercials, billboards, and even our friends, all encourage us to get what we want. The problem, even up to the top of the corporate ladder, seems to be that we never feel that we have enough. We keep on accumulating way beyond what our true needs and desires are.

We will even go into debt to purchase things that we really don’t need. Now, I remember a time when I didn’t have enough money for necessities and it was difficult to feed and clothe three children without accumulating debt. And yet I wonder if I hadn’t felt we needed so much that even then we could have done with less.

There are times when people have nothing. That’s not what I’m referring to. I’m referring to the fact that most of us continue to buy things that we don’t really need. Imagine a sense of abundance that goes beyond materialism. Imagine that abundance is about an inner contentment and a fullness of God’s presence within your soul.

Joy overflows from a heart filled with this kind of abundance. That is what I want to have more of. Money and possessions will never give me that sense of abundance. It is only the love of our Creator that brings a lasting sense of fullness. Then, in spite of what circumstances are swirling around us, we have enough. I have enough.