Times, They Are A Changin'

"Shine A Light In the Darkness"

Times they are a changin’! It is amazing the speed at which the world is spinning! Our current economic crisis in the United States is now a global crisis. It is an incredible time of change and upheaval. Do we really live in an abundant universe, or is that just a pie in the sky idea?

Last time I checked in with God to see if there was a shortage in God’s great universe, the answer was a resounding no—absolutely no shortages where God is concerned. The problem, it seems, lies with us. Actually there seems to be a bit of a greed epidemic going on with a few coming out on the supposed top of things while the rest sink to the bottom. This has very little to do with God and a whole lot to do with us.

The ironic thing is that we seem quite disinclined to take responsibility for the mess we’ve made. It reminds me of when I had small children at home. They could make an incredible mess in a fairly short amount of time, but they were not real keen on cleaning things up once the fun was over.

Right about now, God must feel as if a messy, rebellious set of kindergarteners were sitting in the middle of a big mess they had just made but were wondering who had done it and even some suggesting that it was the fault of God. Well, the answer is quite obvious to everyone else in the universe and unfortunately we are only busy pointing fingers.

Accountability and responsibility seem to be two qualities that we are in need of developing. I was reminded of an important question to ask one’s self the other day by a friend I was talking with about a project we are working on. “What am I wiling to be accountable for?”

What an important question to be asking ourselves right now. Here are a few more:

“What am I willing to be accountable for in regards to my time, talents, and gifts?

“Where am I willing to serve?”

“How do I choose to show up on a daily basis and offer myself as an agent for change in the world?”

Rather than feeling helpless, hopeless, and victims of events outside of our control, we can focus on where we actually have the power to make a difference. A victim mentality is a stance of powerlessness. By choosing to be a victim over the choice to be an agent for change we are shirking our responsibility and refusing to be accountable for the gifts and abilities we do have to make a difference.

Ask yourself again, “What am I wiling to be accountable for?” and then put your energy and emotion and efforts into areas that you do have control of and can make a difference in.

If there was ever a time for our gifts to be consecrated in the service of light and God’s kingdom, that time is now. Go ahead, and get off the victim couch and become a victor, serving in the best way you know how. You will be given additional gifts, as you need them so proceed together with God’s Spirit, holding with faith to the strong arm that holds you.