We Are One

"Beautiful Golden Strands"

In a world that seems to be unraveling at the seams it is good to know that there is something greater at work than disruption and despair. In the middle of chaos there is a higher purpose and plan. There is hope that we will learn from the financial meltdown and greed and begin to make different choices. Imagine a world where the greater good of all were considered. It is a world where the reality of our connectedness is acknowledged and honored.

You could imagine this type of connectedness as similar to the web of a spider—Its central point is the source of love—our Creator. Out from that galactic center run beautiful golden strands carrying the breath of life that connects each living thing back to Source. Running between every created being are strands so that just like in the spider’s web, when one strand is touched, the movement is felt throughout the whole web.

When souls connect with the purpose of being an instrument or channel or conduit for God’s love, beautiful golden light streams between them and they become a force for good in the world. When souls shut off their hearts from the Source of love, they create a blockage of light and the love and resources of God cannot flow through them to other parts of the web.

At this time in the history of our little planet, we have the opportunity to make choices that will either help to connect each of us in love back to our Creator or to withdraw into fear and darkness and create more separation between us. It’s ironic, isn’t it, that just at a time when we need to press together more than ever before, we are tempted to pull apart and retreat?

Learning community and connectedness is one of our greatest lessons at this time. The god of individualism that has reigned supreme has nearly destroyed us and we need to learn to once again embrace the concept of community and service to one another. Wherever you see people embrace this concept you see healing begin to follow in its wake.

Imagine a beautiful, golden web with light streaming through every strand, so that no matter where you were on the web you were connected with the beautiful healing light of God’s love. If we can begin to see our lives and our world in this way, there will never be a time that we feel alone, disheartened, or discouraged because the image of this beautiful metaphor will remind us that we are all One in God’s Kingdom.