Creating An Inner Sanctuary

Does God live in your house? Well, now there’s an interesting idea? Are you really sure you want God hanging around all the time? Maybe God could just stop by now and then for a consultation when things are getting a little rough!

Most of us think about the times when Jesus lived and think that those people were really lucky. If only we could have lived when Jesus lived we would have been his best friend. He could have come and stayed at our house. We would welcome him!

But the message of Jesus was that God had come down to earth to dwell with humankind, Immanuel, God with us. His message was that the Kingdom of God is within you. The Apostle Paul later went on to expound on this idea and stated that the risen Christ lives within you.

The Christ that I know is a living Christ. He is just as present today as he was when he taught his disciples hundreds of years ago. In order to meet with him, I have to create a place in my heart and life for his presence to dwell. Not only can I create an altar in my home that reminds me of my desire to have Jesus live within my heart, I can create an inner sanctuary or temple for him to dwell in.

It is not difficult or expensive to build an inner temple. All one needs to build an inner sanctuary is to use one’s imagination. This sanctuary becomes just as real as one you can see with your eyes. You can build it anyway you like.

Where would you like to meet Jesus? It could be in a vineyard, an apple grove, by a river, on a mountaintop, in a crystal cathedral, or a sanctuary like the one the Israelites worshiped in. It could look like a library or any other space or structure that you can imagine. The important part is to be able to see your inner temple in your imagination and then have a place for Jesus to sit. Then you can invite him to come and visit with you.

At first it might seem a little silly, hanging out there waiting for Jesus to show up, but through the process of consistent meditation and prayer and envisioning the presence of Christ in your inner temple, it becomes a reality. At some point, you will sense his presence.

Too often in Christianity and in other faith systems too, I suspect, we have postponed the reality of God’s presence in our lives because we believe that we can only be with God in Heaven or after death, or at the resurrection or after enlightenment. The sad part about believing this is that this then becomes our reality.

The life and ministry of Jesus was to show us that there was a path he was making back to Heaven. His presence as Spirit in the world makes it possible for us to walk just as closely with him now as his followers did long ago—in fact, we can probably have a closer walk.

So, what’s stopping you? Sit for a few moments in quietness and picture what kind of sanctuary you would create for God to dwell in. It can become one of your favorite rooms in that mansion you are building. And don’t forget to put in a chair or two!