Our Greatest Gift

"Our Greatest Gift, Comes From Above"

What is the greatest gift we possess? Is it our great talents? Is it the bank account that is by now dwindling because of economic meltdowns? Is it our great looks? Or perhaps we are just lucky?

Perhaps our greatest gift is breath. Just think, it is essential to absolutely everything we do. It has nothing to do with our looks, talents, possessions, or status. Everyone has it if they are still moving about on planet Earth. It is an equal opportunity employer.

Breath. In Greek, the word is pneuma, which also translates as spirit.. I like the creation story in Genesis that describes Adam, the clay man, coming to life with the breath of God. Here we are millennia later and we still walk about because of that life-giving breath. There must be something important about it.

How much do I value my breath? Do I take it for granted? Do I appreciate that God-given spirit and soul that makes me the unique creation that I am? Have I become lost, somewhat distracted by what I call my personality and the circumstances of my life?

Too often, we only identify with what we call “self” and all of the accoutrements that we surround ourselves with to support this notion. If I were to remove all of the trappings of my life, I would be reduced to my breath. From this vantage point, I might just be able to get a sense of what God had in mind when God created me.

Meditation provides a quiet sanctuary where I can focus on my breath and quietly go within to an inner temple. It is here that I can inquire of my Maker what I am really here for and who I really am.

It is not an easy task figuring out what life is really about. When I was born, I lost any sense of God’s purpose in my life. Much of what we learn growing up keeps us from the discovery of our soul and it’s calling. We develop our ego and then we spend the rest of our lives maintaining the illusions we have created.

In quietness, however, seated in my inner sanctuary, I can more clearly hear God’s voice in my life. Slowly I receive ideas about what God is trying to do through me.

I invite you to create your own inner temple and make an appointment with God everyday to sit and ponder your breath/spirit/soul. What did God have in mind when God created you? It might be really neat to know what that is.