Live in Love

"Live in the Light"

How would you like to live in a land filled with love? Sounds like a great place. Can you imagine living without any negative judgments or feelings towards yourself or others? Can you imagine a world where everyone was seen as a spark of God and all of creation was honored and appreciated?

Actually, it’s hard to even imagine treating yourself in this way! What? No negative judgments? Seeing myself as having a divine origin? Love and appreciate all of my life? Wow, when it comes right down to it, we have a hard time loving ourselves let alone everything else in creation!

How do you even begin to start learning to love in this way—this unconditional, supportive, caring type of love that we think of when we imagine perfect, divine love? For me, learning about love has come from my personal relationship with God.

As my life went up and down through difficult and trying times, I found that when everything else fell away, friends, family, relationships, money, and support—that God was still there for me. In my most desperate moments, God was closer than a prayer away. With my very breath and call for help I could feel a warm comforting presence reassuring me that I was not alone.

This palpable sense of God’s presence brought a sense of peace to my panic-stricken heart and through personal experience I have felt the accepting, non-judgmental love and support to continue on.

Love removes fear from our hearts. Maybe living in a state of love then is learning to trust and embrace love and move away from fear. Fear creates separation. It not only separates us from one another creating suspicions and resentments, it separates us from ourselves, cutting us off from our higher intentions and soul. It cuts us off from our relationship with Spirit.

Love has been said to be a choice and I believe it is a type of choice. It is a choice to be in relationship with God’s Spirit and to remain in alignment with our higher purpose—which of course is to be filled with love and live in love. To be in alignment means that our feelings and our thoughts line up with God’s highest intentions for our lives.

The way then that I can begin to live in love is to recognize when my thoughts and emotions are out of alignment with my higher purpose of living in love. Fear, frustration, negativity, resentment, bitterness, un-forgiveness, and judgment of any kind are brought about by thoughts and feelings that will keep me living in a state other than love.

It is when I am able to give these negative ways of being up by giving them up to God and asking for a new way of thinking and feeling that I begin the alchemical process of turning my leaden thoughts into gold. I do this in meditation and prayer by meeting God’s Spirit in my heart and imagine placing these on the altar of my heart and asking for God’s light to transmute them into something beautiful. I imagine them dissipating into light and then ask to be filled with love in their place.

By doing this whenever I find myself moving into fear, I eventually find myself able to live more and more in love. Too often we feel that we are victims in this life and that we have no control over our choices or how to deal with fear. The good news, literally, is that Christ built a bridge or connection back to God that makes it possible for us to access this amazing power of God’s transforming love at anytime we choose.

Jesus’ words are full of power if we avail ourselves of their wisdom. Understanding his words, “The Kingdom of God is within you.” allows to us begin to live in a world of love today. Imagine living in a world of love. Begin today.