Faith Is Greater Than Fear

"One Day At A Time"

Over the last several months I have experienced a lot of neck pain and spasms. In typical fashion, I have ignored them and continued on. Two weeks ago, the neck pain turned into increasing arm pain and numbness in my hand. Well even I know when enough is enough. I am now two days post-op and can once again write without pain and discomfort. Praise be!

Injury or illness always tests our intentions regarding faith versus fear. For me, trust revolves around my relationship with Source and how my life is unfolding. It is not about blindly trusting others, or the church, or those types of issues outside of yourself. It is about trusting that what happens in your life can work together for the greater good.

There is always a tipping point when something happens in our lives, whether it is relational or an incident at work, or perhaps a health issue, where we make a choice about how we are going to respond to it. Fear is a conditioned response. What you want to learn is to have a conditioned response of trust with the process of life. In other words, whatever comes up in your life you have to learn a new way of responding to the unknown. The known way is to be fearful. The new way is one of trusting Source that you will move through whatever difficulty in the appropriate way.

Ultimately I think it is a matter of conscious awareness that you are moving into fear and you catch yourself and say, "Hey, wait a minute, I think I'm just going to trust God on this one and not go into panic mode." The other thing is to remember to ask for help. There is ample help available when we wake up enough to want to head a new direction. We probably won't make it on our own initially, but we are helped through tough situations by Spirit and our guides. Eventually it becomes our practice to trust.

In the past when I have experienced these medical emergencies, I have gone into fear. This time, because of all of those other experiences with working my way out of fear into trust--I just decided that I would picture a successful outcome and proceed without all of the drama and tears.

"Miraculously" I found a wonderful neurosurgeon who did a cervical disk replacement two days ago and resolved the issue, all of this taking place in less than two weeks. It could have lasted longer--which the other issues have, but this time I just refused to entertain fear or self pity and things resolved much quicker.

I know that God has a plan for my life that I can trust in spite of difficulties and hurdles that come along. Grace is always sufficient. I am part of a larger plan. I can trust that what comes my way can be overcome and will work towards fulfilling God's intention for my life.

I hope that something I have said here might be helpful in facing the difficulties that you might be experiencing. We all have these difficult issues to work through and continue to learn to trust in the abundance of God’s goodness. May whatever challenge you are facing today lead you into a greater understanding of God’s purpose for your life and may you feel guided and supported as you journey through difficult times.