Finding Your Authentic Voice

"Speaking From the Depths of the Soul"

Do you ever write or journal and wonder if anyone is listening? Too often we feel that if we don’t have an “audience” that what we have to say is not worthwhile. But just the writing of authentic words from your soul changes not only you, but it makes a difference in the world, even if the words are not published. Speaking your authentic voice always creates change.

What is your authentic voice? To start with, it is genuine and uniquely yours. It is not the voice of someone you are trying to please or imitate. It is the voice of your soul. It is the voice of who you are as archetype—not as personality or ego.

For the most part, we only know ourselves as personality or ego. We are defined by our history, our family, our friends, our job, our social position, our gender, and on and on. And yet, who we are is not any of those things. If they were all stripped away from us as sometimes happens in accident, disasters, and difficult life events, it usually precipitates an identity crisis.

If you take all the trappings of your life away, what is left? This gives us a hint why the thought of death can be so terrifying because this is exactly what happens at death—we are left with only our essence. We take nothing with us. We meet God with nothing but our soul.

This is why finding our authentic voice is so important. I don’t want to live my whole life and never find out who I really am, why I am here, and what I have to contribute to the world that is unique.

Spiritual practice is a vital part of finding your authentic voice. Meditation provides the perfect feedback loop to listen to the voice of Spirit. The Spirit helps to awaken our soul, which lies in quiescence until it is called upon. In quiet we can begin to hear the whispers of our authentic voice.

Writing every day also provides a place for the soul to speak. Many people believe that they can’t write, but I believe we can all write. It is in writing that we help to awaken the soul. We invite its voice to speak to us and then we sit down and take the time to record the thoughts that want to come out.

At first your writing will look like your daily ‘to do’ list for that is usually all that we have ever given space for. It then might begin to look like your gripe list or your burdens and concerns list. It can look like a prayer list or personal therapy.

The secret is to hold no judgment towards your writing but to just keep on writing. In case you just missed it—here’s the secret—hold no judgment towards your writing! Eventually, over the course of weeks, months, and years, the voice of the soul starts to shine through.

It is worth every effort you make to find your authentic voice because it is one-of-a-kind and unique. You have a voice like no one else’s and it is your purpose in life to find it.

The universe misses out if you do not find your authentic voice! You have a ministry and a message like no one else. What is the world missing that you can fill? Keep writing until you find the answer! It is the journey of a lifetime, but worth every step. Keep going!


Jan said…
Wonderful encouragement, Julie. I completely agree. And this is especially important for women for healing. So many of us have been silenced (esp. as young girls, "Be quiet, don't make a fuss, be ladylike" etc.) Recovering our "voice," as you state here, is one of the first steps in living as our most sacred selves. Kudos to you for a lovely article.
Julie Smith, MS said…
Hi Jan,

So great to see you here again. For women, I think finding your voice is so important and healing. Think of how wonderful it would be and is to hear the voice of women in spiritual leadership, building community, and helping to shape a new vision for our world. Women's voices are beautiful and there is much healing work to be done in helping them discover that.

Many blessings to you and your healing work in the world.