To Trust Or Not To Trust?

"Looks Like A Leap of Faith to Me"

Trust is an important antidote to fear. Call it trust, faith, love, or whatever you like; it is the opposite energy of fear. At some time in any given situation there is a tipping point where one has to decide whether they are going to remain in fear or make the leap of faith and live in trust. Usually our problem is that we want to stay in fear and dabble in faith. They are two incompatible energies and ways of being in the world.

I remember a critical turning point in my life. I had experienced living in fear in a deep way through a controlling, hostile relationship. Even after I had the courage to leave the relationship, the fear remained. One day I was reading about fear and faith and it hit me like a truck full of bricks--you can't have them both--you have to choose between one or the other.

By looking at the opposite qualities of love you get a sense of how much fear robs you. It is impossible to live a life of abundance while entertaining fear. If we understand what it takes from us and what we cannot have if we hold onto it, we are more prepared to give it up.

Another area of exploration is understanding what we gain by living in fear. For me, to confront my fears would mean the end of my relationship and that would put me in the uncomfortable, socially unacceptable role in my community of divorced single mom. It was like trading one known fear for another unknown fear.

Until you can see that fear keeps you from the fullness of life, it has the secondary benefit of giving you a sense of false security. This translates to living situations, work situations, church situations, social situations, and relational situations. We will often live a life devoid of joy because we fear the consequences of making needful changes. We hang on to our known misery like a security blanket, cloaked in fear, and frozen in place.

It is never easy to speak about difficult times, and yet it is the journey into darkness and the subsequent journey into the light that gives hope that fear can be overcome and indeed it can. For me, this is what the life of Christ was all about--journeying into the depths of fear and overcoming and creating a path back to the ultimate state of love. It makes my success possible and any continued success I might have. He was the ultimate path maker in my thinking and for that I am eternally grateful. We are also given companions along the path. One is Sophia/Wisdom, the Divine Feminine, who guides each step towards an abundant life. There are many others. We never travel alone.

The origin of the word 'courage' comes from a meaning that denotes the heart as the seat of deep feeling. Fear becomes deeply seated in our hearts. It requires the courage of love--it's opposite and stronger emotion--to remove fear from the heart.

It is only as we come to know love and we develop a relationship of trust with Spirit that we are able to de-throne fear from our lives. It requires an invitation on our part. It is truly transformational where the lead is turned into gold. Spirit is such a better partner to dance with than fear. And, oh the places you can go!


Another thought provoking post. Your experience reflects my own. That at some point in our journey we must truly make a choice between continuing to live in fear or honoring the Spirit within us to live beyond limits in our full glory. Such a thing feels like a leap of faith as the photo you've chosen to accompany your post suggests—beautiful waterfall with a possibility of plummeting to our death. I like to think we'd be plummeting into birth and new life instead...

I've bookmarked your site as one of my favorites. Kudos on your good work. Such a pleasure to have found you. Truly!

All Love,
Julie Smith, MS said…
Janice--and such a pleasure to have found you also. I have added you on my sidebar as a lovely, inspiring place to visit.

Ah, it seems that the ego is the only thing that dies when we leap! It is painful, but oh the soul has such lovely gifts to offer when we do. Funny, isn't it, how fear tells us such damaging lies and then we believe them? I'm so glad to have found that the Spirit brings joy, peace, and happiness.

Thanks for all the amazing work you are doing in the world. Your ministry is a blessing to many women (men also I'm sure)

Blessings to you,

Ruth said…
I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

Julie Smith, MS said…

So great to have you here! Glad you stopped by. I hope that the Spirit will bless you through your reading. Thanks for your nice comments.


Jan said…
Looking forward to your next article, Julie. Hope to read more of your insightful words soon!
All Love!
Julie Smith, MS said…

I believe you have a wonderful gift for encouragement! Thanks for your presence here and many blessings!