You Are A Spark

"What Did God Have In Mind When God Created You?"

What did God have in mind when God created you? If we could understand the answer to this question and live that answer out in our lives, then we would understand what the concept of redemption is really all about.

Do you realize that most of us live and die without knowing the answer to this question? We live our lives as a personality. I am a writer. I am a mother. I am a musician. We define ourselves by our work or by what we do. We then identify with our personality traits. I am outgoing or I am shy. I am talkative or I am quiet. None of these things tells us what God had in mind when God made us.

God creates by thought and intention so another way of saying this is that you are a thought in the mind of God. When God creates a spark or a piece of pure consciousness splits off from God to enliven God’s creation. It is a little piece of spirit that enlivens all of God’s creation. I think of it as “the breath of life”. When God’s breath or spirit or spark unites with matter, the matter becomes alive.

As a human being, God’s spark or intention for my life was attached to an archetypal pattern we call soul, which then attached to a human body through the vehicle of my parents. God’s spirit made me a living soul. My parents gave me a human body.

As we grow, we develop a sense of self, but it a self that reflects our surroundings, our inherited DNA, and our life experiences. Because we were born on a fallen planet, we are cut off from our understanding of our spirit/God’s intention and our soul/archetypal pattern. Redemption is really about connecting us back to God in such a way that we understand who we are so that we can be in relationship with God as our Creator and designer.

The spiritual path is about finding our way to back to God. The personality and ego create many obstructions that prevent us from seeing God clearly. As a result, we do not understand ourselves, we rarely understand others or see God’s intentions for their lives, and we misunderstand God and our relationship with the universe and what we are here to do.

Spiritual practice—meditation, prayer, the study of sacred scriptures, and reaching out in service to others—all help us to clear the obscurations and obstructions that block our view of God’s intention for our lives. It helps us to see where we fit into the bigger picture and it helps us to do the work we are here to do. We can then transcend the concerns of the ego and personality and begin to live out the higher intentions for our life.

Much of what we struggle with in this life is the overcoming of many of our defenses. We struggle with insecurities or conceits. We struggle to maintain a state of serenity bouncing up and down on an emotional roller coaster. We are elated with praise and defeated by criticism.

The beauty of understanding God’s plan for our life is that it allows us to live out our purpose in a new way. When Christ lives within—when the power of God’s Spirit is connected with our spirit/soul—we are enlivened and empowered to be in the world in a new and different way.

These ideas motivate me to persist in connecting with the Spirit every day. I want to understand God’s intention for my life. In addition, I want to grow my capacity for seeing the divine spark in others as well. Imagine a world where we could see that we are each one a precious child of God. Mmmm…that is a world I would like to live in.


Jan said…
A marvelous post. You have captured my sentiments exactly with this one. I love your explanation of how we are the spark of life, evidence of God's breath having created us, moving through us. I have always felt the breath is our divine connector. :-)

The vision you hold for all of us is powerful. May we all continue to strive toward and align ourselves with the Oneness of which we are a part. May we see each other with sacred vision!


p.s. Will you be posting soon on the Madalene site? I look forward to more of your poetry.
Julie Smith, MS said…
Hi Jan,

Good to hear from you again. You are a faithful friend!

When we realize that God loves to think of us, that God thought of us, and then God breathed life into us--it just makes you excited to be alive.

Thanks for your thoughts.

I do need to put something on the Magdalene site. I was just thinking that this morning. I will post something there soon. I love Mary M. She is somehow my soul sister.

Thanks for all your great thoughts and for sharing with me here. I value your comments.


Jan said…
Are you familiar with the book and CD, Invoking Mary Magdelene: Accessing the Wisdom of the Divine Feminine? It is by Siobhan Houston (Jean Houston's daughter.) Marvelous! I am off to another part of the state to lead a women's program on "the feminine face of God." One of my favorites to do..
Blessings all around,
Julie Smith, MS said…
Hi Jan,

Yes, I'm familiar with the book! I also love books about MM by Jean-Yves Leloup, Margaret Starbird, and Tau Malachi. They all offer such a lovely perspective of her life. My collection of Mary books is large.

Blessings to you on your seminar. Such an important and helpful topic to share. You are a woman after my own heart!