Perched on a tree limb, alone.
A single bird. Watching. Listening.
Fluttering leaf, Wisp of sunshine. Sound of small branch falling.

Feathers, ruffle in the breeze.
Eyes--half-closed, closing.
Dreaming, perhaps. Wondering.

Overhead, the sound of a jet. In the distance, a mother calls.
The sound of a door closing. A motor starts.
Life hums along.

Perched on a tree limb, alone.
A single bird. Resting. In-between.
Waiting to take flight once again.


Jan said…
I so appreciate this burst of color and hope today. You have a gift for words, for uplifting us all. What a beautiful sight to see this bright creature of wing and song. May we all see our true colors and fly...
Blessings of joy to you.
Buddha said…
Hi there!
I was browsing the blogosphere looking for people with similar interests that want to be friends - in a blogging kind of way, so I stopped to say hi!
Wishing you happy bloging and the best in your life.
Julie Smith, MS said…

Thanks for your words. I find this little creature brings a spark of joy to my heart. Thanks for your warm presence here.

Blessings to you!


So nice to see you here--it is wonderful to find kindred spirits. Many blessings to you!