Possibility Is Waiting To Be Born

image by Deborah Koff-Chapin

Have you ever felt that you were pregnant with possibility? Whether you are male or female there are times in life when something is growing inside of you. Maybe it is the excitement of an idea or perhaps it is a sense of an emerging talent. Sometimes we don’t even know what is going on but there is an inner sense of excitement about the future.

There can also be a sense of insecurity and doubt. We are ready to move forward but unsure of where that is or where it will take us. Life is never stagnant. Unless you have stopped breathing on this earth, you are in for change. Change no matter how much we may be ready for it or not matter how much we resist it is a constant. The one thing you can plan on is that the world changes. And we change along with it.

Right now our planet is changing. Have you noticed the different things that are in the air? Fear and excitement both hover as possibilities. The question becomes, “Which one will you focus on?” I am reminded of a Charles Dickens’ quote from “A Tale of Two Cities”. It begins, “It was the best of all times and the worst of all times.” This is true of the times we live in. There has never existed so much potential for change or such potential for disaster.

What do you choose to focus on? What might you bring to the world at this time? What you are pregnant with might just have to do with how you were meant to serve in the world. The world is hungry to hear a message of hope and redemption. Too often we think that to bring something of meaning to the world that we must give a Bible Study or outline a careful theological treatise on salvation or convert someone to our way of thinking.

The need, however, is far simpler than that. What is really needed is for each one of us to show up in the world with the gifts that God has given us and to serve right where we are. Do you have a gift for hospitality? Who do you know that might benefit from your gifts? Do you have a gift for helping? How might you volunteer to help? Do you have a gift for building? How might your talents be used to serve? Do you have a gift for knitting? Who do you know that might need a warm blanket.

Service and ministry are never as complicated as we make them. It is simply about showing up and sharing the gifts that God has given us and allowing these gifts to help those right around us. We don’t have to go across the world or contribute a million dollars, we just need to do what we can, where we can, when we can.

So that exciting sense of possibility might just be about a new way of serving in the world and bringing comfort, hope, and healing to those around you. It is an exciting possibility that may be accompanied by a few birthing pains. But as any good birthing coach will tell you, “Remember to breathe”. Wonderful things are about to happen.


Dee said…
Very inspirational, thank you.
Julie Smith, MS said…

So nice to have you here! Thanks for your comment. Blessings in your birthing :)