Creating Sacred Space-1

(Note: This will be the first in a series of posts.)

Think of all the spaces you occupy during the course of the day. You have work spaces, eating spaces, dressing and bathing spaces, relaxing spaces, exercising spaces, and hopefully, sacred spaces. Too often we have time for everything but the sacred. It is tempting to think that we will just squeeze in the time for the sacred now and then.

More than ever before, however, we need time for the sacred. I’m going to be sharing a few ideas about ‘creating sacred space’. I would suggest that the first way that we create sacred space is through the use of our time. We need to create space for the sacred in our daily calendar.

The word ‘sacred’ simply means to set something aside or devote to Source. This could be time that is dedicated to deepening your connection with the divine in you. Our very physical bodies can become a sacred space for Spirit to meet in us.

This expands the idea that many have that sacred space is a location, perhaps a church or a sacred site and suggests that we create sacred space by setting aside time and creating an opening by inviting the Spirit to meet with us.

The first sacred space that you can create then is an inner temple. You build this out with your imagination. Where would you like to meet your guides, Source, the Spirit? You could meet in a crystal cathedral, a pastoral setting, a paneled library, a mountaintop—wherever you feel a sense of the sacred and that is meaningful to you.

By using your imagination, you fill in the details of your sacred space. It is here you can go in meditation to invite the presence of the Divine to meet with you. By doing this on a regular basis you create sacred space within yourself that is real and tangible. You can quickly go there during the day to find guidance and refreshment.

Of all the spaces you occupy and create in your life, this is the most powerful one and holds the most potential for radical transformation. When combined with setting aside time in your calendar and occupying it regularly you will find you are living a Spirit-filled life.

All of the other sacred spaces that you build in your life can enhance this first space, but never replace it. It is foundational. Funny, but we usually get this backwards, spending years attending church or looking for God somewhere outside of us. All along, God wants to meet us right where we are.

When it comes to creating sacred space, the first step is to begin where you are.