Creating Sacred Space-2

"Tigger, Enjoying Sacred Space"

(Note: This is the second in an ongoing series. To read the first one, scroll down to the next post.)

Creating sacred space begins by awakening to the Divine in your life. Waking up to the idea of inviting God to live within you opens up the sacred in your life like nothing else can. The next step in creating sacred space is by creating space in your home environment and if you are able to--creating sacred space at work.

I like to have some type of altar. This is a place to hold sacred objects—a place that is set aside to remind me of my inner altar or sanctuary. What you place on your altar is as personal as the space in which you meet your Creator. It could include things that remind you of your connection to God like a picture, the Bible, another sacred book, or perhaps a seashell.

On my altar at home I have an angel sculpture, some stones, a beautiful heart, a couple of journals, a picture or two and a silk cloth that I painted. Another altar that I have at my private office is quite different.

The fact that you are creating a place in your home that holds space for your relationship with God is not as important as what you place on your altar. It is nice to have a chair beside it where you can spend time reading, praying, journaling, and meditating.

There are many ways to have an altar in your home without having a lot of space. You could create an altar in a small box that you keep by a chair. You could create an altar in a cupboard or closet. I have a beautiful altar in a walk-in closet. You could create sacred space in the form of a small altar at work in a desk drawer or locker or even a photograph on your desk.

You could create sacred space in the corner of a room or have a whole room devoted to sacred space. We have a small house that was originally purchased as an office for my husband’s business that we have converted to use as sacred space called The Tree of Life Center. The yard is a meditation garden.

The importance of sacred space is that it holds energy. When I walk into The Tree of Life Center, I can immediately feel the difference of the energy there. It holds the intention of what we are trying to do. It has healing, potentiating qualities in it. Because of this, we can more easily accomplish sacred work there.

It is important that an environment help you achieve your goals. When doing sacred work, it is even more important that you have a space that holds the energy of what you are doing. By using the same space over and over, it will help you to move more quickly away from distractions and focus your attention on the Divine.

It is only when we are able to shut out distractions and become quiet that we can hear that still small voice of Spirit that leads and guides us. Sacred space should do just that—helps us to hear more clearly and see more vividly God’s intention for our lives.


Julie G said…
I have my sacred space in my bedroom. On my night stand right next to my bed, I have some pictures that remind of The Divine in my heart. Every night before I sleep and every morning when I wake up I see these pictures and I have a meditation time, a time of silence.

I have a picture of a statue of the "Resurected Christ" the statue in its place faces east and I took the picture just as the sun was rising on Him. So in my room, I have the picture situated so that the first sun that comes into my room touches on the face of Christ, the Risen Lord. What a feeling, what a JOY. As we get closer to Easter, this time has alot of emotion for me.

I found your site through Jan's "awake is good" site. I enjoy your writings.

Julie G said…
I am also interested in the commnet you made on the "Keeping in Balance" post to Jan... about being in harmony... the contemplative musicianship and spiritual practice through music.

I am a musician also. I play guitar, paino, and I'm in a Handbell Choir. Spirituality and music have always gone hand in hand for me. I've never met anyone else, let alone a class in it, who shares this interest.

Can you give more details on this experience for you?

Julie Smith, MS said…
Hi Julie,

So great to have you here. I love the things you have done to create sacred space in your life. Visual reminders for me are so powerful and they remind me to walk hand in hand with Christ every day. Thanks for sharing what you have done in your own life.

The class I'm enrolled in is through "The Chalice of Repose". You can look up their website at " Therese Schroeder-Sheker is the founder and has put together a program on Thanatology, also. I believe she has some of the best stuff around on using spirituality in music.

There is also quite a lot of work being done right now studying the healing effects of music. I googled this the other day and found several interesting websites. Jonathan Goldman and Tom Kenyon are two people that are studying the science of music and its healing properties.

Hope this is helpful. It is a great area of ministry and service to the world. Blessings to you as you pursue this!

Julie G said…
Thanks, Julie
I will pursue these sites and names you've given. Keep writing on this, I will visit often.
Jan said…
Very nice post, and a powerful suggestion, Julie. Even when I travel, I take a "portable" altar with me. In fact, when I knew we were heading to Florida for 6 mos., one of my very first thoughts was, What will I take with me to place on my altar? So in my new bedroom here, I have a little corner of the dresser which serves as that sacred space. A candle, a shell, meditation icons, an inspirational card, a picture of the Blessed mother, the Dalai Lama, etc. My husband teases me because he says that my altars spill out into everywhere--and they do. How can we contain the sacred??!! We can't.
Sending love to you this day, J
Julie Smith, MS said…
Hi Jan,

Greetings to you in Florida! Sounds like a lovely way to spend the next 6 months. I just had to laugh with your comment about your altar spilling out into everything else and trying to contain the sacred! Yes, how indeed can we contain the Divine. Isn't that the idea? To just let God spill out into everything we do? I love this thought.

Thanks so much for your visits here. They always brighten my day :) Sending you love all the way from Oregon to Florida. Many blessings--and enjoy the sunshine!