Creating Sacred Space-3

Create A Writing Practice

(Note: This is the third in an ongoing series. Scroll down to view the first two posts.)

Another way to create sacred space in your life is through writing. By opening yourself up to Spirit and creating an inner temple you invite God to be with you and speak to you. This results in a process of inspiration. You are inspired with thoughts from the Divine. Your angel can talk to you in this state of quietness and so can the Spirit. Writing is a wonderful way to put to use the inspiration you receive during meditation. This creates a path of expression.

The whole point of creating sacred space in our lives is to bring God down to earth. As we are inspired we then need to express that inspiration. One should always lead to another. Inspiration should lead to expression.

This is reflected in the natural process of breathing that we go through thousands of times a day. In fact, one of the mantras that I sometimes use during meditation is to say, “Spirit in” on the inspiration and “Spirit out” on the expiration. When you are able to be a constant vehicle for Spirit you can say that you are en-spirited.

To use writing as a part of your spiritual practice is to develop your expressive abilities and will make you a mouth piece for God. It keeps the flow of Spirit moving through your life. Think of a river and how it streams down from the top of the mountain, watering plants and animals as it goes and eventually emptying out into the ocean to then cycle back as rain and begin the process all over again. Our lives should be like the river, a vehicle for the refreshment of Spirit to nurture all that we come in contact with.

As your expressive abilities grow, it opens up speaking abilities. In this way, your service in the world grows and the inspiration you receive from Source becomes an inspiration and encouragement to others, as you are able to share with them about the goodness and abundance in the universe. Your words hold power because you are filled with this power from personal experience. So in this way, the sacred space you create in your life becomes pervasive and you begin to have a healing presence and power in the world.

Writing is far more than jotting down a few thoughts. When dedicated as part of your sacred space, writing is a spiritual practice that empowers your ministry.