Creating Sacred Space--Create A Personal Mythology

"What Do You Dream Of?"

(Note: This is the fourth in a series on creating sacred space.)

Part of creating sacred space involves creating a personal mythology. A personal mythology is a type of personal narrative that when combined with your spiritual practice can help you to understand your unique contributions to the world. By doing this you can begin to understand your own soul covenant.

Briefly, a soul covenant is about answering the questions to why you are here and whom you are here to serve and in what manner. Personal myth making helps to add dimension to your spiritual practice in addition to adding meaning and clarity to your spiritual path.

So what would a personal mythology look like and how might you begin to create one as a part of your sacred space? One way to begin is to start collecting artifacts, pictures, mementos, etc, of those things that you resonant with or persons that you have a strong attraction to. These could be rocks, crystals, shells, things from sacred sites that you have visited, pictures of places you are attracted to, saints, mythological characters, people in your family tree—basically anything or anyone that sparks something inside you and creates resonance.

You can also begin by looking around at what you currently have as collections or pictures. Is there a theme? Do you love things from Ireland? Do you have dozens of calendars from Scotland or the South of France? Do you have a collection of King Arthur lore? You get the idea. Look for areas that you have always been interested in and see how they might relate to your life and your personal callings.

A deep resonance with someone or something indicates that you have similar interests and gifts. By exploring your ancestry and the lives of those who have inspired you, you begin to identify archetypal patterns in your life. In doing this you begin to awaken your own spiritual DNA. This then awakens latent soul gifts waiting to be called into service in your own life.

Your personal mythology should grow and deepen every year. By expressing an interest towards a particular area or gift, you attract those very qualities and gifts and they begin moving towards you. Synergy and synchronous events increase and your soul unfoldment is accelerated. Creating a personal mythology is like constructing a vehicle for your ministry in the world. You build it out and it assists you in your work by helping you develop the gifts and abilities that you need.