Lessons From the Harp--Being in Tune

The harp is an instrument that needs to be tuned frequently, preferably every day. When I first started playing the harp, it seemed that it took way too long. It seemed that it would be so nice to just start playing and not have to spend the time it took to get it tuned up. But when it is out of tune, it is no fun to play. It becomes the first step towards making beautiful music.

To tune the harp, I use a wrench designed to turn the pins on the harp so that I can lengthen or shorten the string. I attach a tuning instrument that reflects when the string is in tune. When it is perfectly in tune, the needle balances right in the middle and the sound of the plucked string resonates at just the right vibration. There is no wobbling like when the note is sharp or flat. Sometimes, it requires a lot of patience to get the note just right. The smallest adjustment on the pin can make it go from flat to sharp. Oftentimes, I have to adjust it very carefully several times.

There are many comparisons to playing music beautifully in life as well. Getting in tune helps the music of one’s life and the outcome of one’s ministry to sound more beautiful and to have better results. I think of meditation as a form of getting in tune. It is during meditation that I get tuned up for the day.

The word that resonates with me for this concept is "a-tune-ment". It is like the at-one-ment that we think of when coming into alignment with Source. It is being in tune with the frequency of Divine Love. It is said that our souls emit a sound, a frequency that can be heard and that we are recognized by this sound. When we are in tune with the frequency of love we can be assured that our melody will be sweet and that we will put forth beautiful music in our lives. It is through this process of being attuned that Spirit makes the fine adjustments necessary to help us resonate at the right frequency.

The lesson from the harp is that I need to be in tune each day if I want to be a light in the world. By taking the time for spiritual practice and aligning with Source, I will find the music of my heart sounding more beautiful and it will hopefully be a healing agent of love and light.


Dee said…
I enjoyed reading your post today-especially the comparison between tuning a harp and the importance of meditation. Thanks!
Julie Smith said…
Thanks Dee. Blessings!