Veritable Quandry or Soul Review?

Thoughts for the New Year:

Exiting the Veritable Quandary

Or Entering the Soul Review?

What needs to be released?
What needs to be embraced?
What no longer serves?
What longs to be drawn near?

Who am I today?
Who will I be someday?
Who is the “Me” that no longer exists?

Where do I want to go?
Where have I been?
Where am I now?

Why do I try so hard?
Why do I try so little?
Why is there no right or wrong way?
Why is there a why?

When will I be done?
When will I begin?
When is the time right?
When is the time wrong?
When do you ever know anything for certain?

Now. Never.
Always. Sometimes.
Everything. Nothing.
Begin. Stop.
Go Forward. Remain.
Show up.


Beautiful, just beautiful. x
Linnea said…
This poem spoke to me on so many levels. I was not having a good evening yesterday and your poem puts into words so much of what I was feeling. Thank you.
Julie Smith said…
Thanks "Mum". Just enjoyed perusing your lovely blogs. Blessings to you!

Julie Smith said…
Linnea, Hi, and thanks for stopping by. I'm so glad this was useful for you. I find that context makes such a difference. Hope you are having a blessed day!

cachet said…
your blog is so meaningful to me, just wanted to say 'thank you' for sharing.
Julie Smith said…
Thanks, Krista. Just looked at one of your blogs and enjoyed seeing your optimistic seed purchases. Makes me ready for Spring as well!

Blessings to you!