Healing the Family Tree

Meditation can often act as a means to discover hidden soul gifts or wounds. It can act as a vehicle to take us to places where work needs to be done. Recently, I went on a healing journey in my meditation to discover the source of some wounds that needed healing. I did this through the usual means that I use in meditation and that is to create a sacred space around me, invite my angels and guides to surround me, and to ask the Spirit’s guidance in helping me to go where I need to go in order to best serve.

What I discovered on my journey was that my sense of wounding came from my ancestors that had suffered in a similar way to mine generation after generation. In other words, the wound had been passed along through the genetic line and through acting out the same behaviors over and over so that it became a characteristic within the family.

When we step outside of third dimensional reality, we discover that there is no such thing as time. We understand that God lives outside of time and has no beginning and no end and is even the beginning and the end at the same time! If we understand this concept, which I readily admit, I don’t, but I know it to be true, we can surmise that if we heal something that is deep within our genetic self, we heal it backwards and forwards.

In my meditation, I asked for this wound to be healed and visualized the re-weaving of the DNA so that it was whole again. Recently, the words and music to a song have come to me and I was shocked to realize that they fit perfectly the description of re-writing DNA and ancestral healing. In my meditation the words and music were sung over the ancestors. One verse describes this so well:

Weaving and spinning the threads within our lives,
Knitting together the stitches of time.
Carefully, the pieces are sewn into a whole.
Beautifully, they show the light of soul.

Perhaps one of the reasons we are here is to heal not only our own wounds, but also the wounds of the ancestors. In other words, ‘the buck stops here’. We have a wonderful ministry to our families when we can see it in this light. We have as much help as we need to accomplish this and we don’t have to know how it is done, we just have to volunteer to be an agent for change and healing within our family.


Sherry said…
I like this, "We understand that God lives outside of time and has no beginning and no end and is even the beginning and the end at the same time!" If we can maintain that awareness we can enjoy the "bliss" we are destined to have. I just wrote a post called "Declaring Yourself" on my blog and would love your feedback. Namaste, Sherry
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Julie Smith said…
Hi Sherry,

Thanks for your comment and for dropping by! I loved your article about 'Declaring Yourself'.

If we could just keep in mind that we are a divine spark and relate to that infinite piece of ourselves rather than the small ego/personality part that we struggle with, we might keep our perspective better.

I love the I Am statements you chose for yourself. One of my favorites is, "I Am a precious child of God".

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Blessings to you,