Create Your Future

It was a time when I seriously needed to create something new. A mentor of mine recommended a book by Barbara Sher, entitled "Wishcraft". There was an exercise in the book that changed my life that was all about picturing the world that you wanted to live in. For the first time in years, I gave myself permission to envision the life I would like to live. At the time, I was in the process of leaving a very unhappy marriage and had lost hope that a good life was even possible.

The exercise was simple. It involved imagining in detail your day from start to finish. The more details one could imagine, the more potent the exercise could be. So, I did just that, I dreamed of what my life could look life if it didn't have all of the limitations I was currently experiencing. I detailed my house, my wardrobe, my job, and my relationships. I wrote it all down in my journal and then carefully figured out what I could do today to enjoy some of the things I had written down.

I had included a hot cup of tea. Well, I realized I could do that right now, so I sat down and had a cup of tea. I had detailed a hot, steamy bath with fragrant oils. Well, I had a bathtub, so I took a bath. By taking the first step towards creating my preferred future, I set a new future in motion.

There were other things on my dream list that were not as quickly realized. Some took me years. But a few years back, I picked up that journal and realized I was living my dream life, right down to the dream relationship that had seemed like such a pipe dream when I first envisioned it.

Magic, really. We have the power to transform our lives, but first we must dream the life we want. We must then do something, anything to move towards our dream. One of the most powerful questions we can ask is, "What can I do today to ______________? You fill in the blank. The universe is just asking us what we want. I discovered it answers!


Anonymous said…
I love reading your beautiful blog. I am off to see if my local library has wishcraft. What a simple and effective idea. To a point I visualise what I want my like to be like, though it is more about what I can be doing to make the family life flow easier.
Julie Smith said…
Thank you, Lena! I went for a visit to your blog and enjoyed reading about your sweet, little girl. How precious!

Another book you might really enjoy, since you enjoy books like me, is "Frugal Luxuries" by Tracey McBride. Perhaps you've already read it, but it is a great book written when her girls were growing up and has tons of ideas about how to enjoy the moment and create special times without spending a lot. I still enjoy looking at it from time to time.

Many blessings to you. Thanks for your kind thoughts. Julie
Amy said…
Love your blog! Wonderful ideas! I have also been creating a dream list but didn't think to include the simple acts that make everyday life so much better.
Julie Smith said…
Amy, Thanks for your thoughts! Great to see you here. I have found the secret to creating a better life lies in doing the things that can be done today. The secret is to begin, not just to plan. "What can I do today?" is like a magical mantra. It unlocks the door to change because it gets us moving and actually doing something to change our lives. It is so easy to talk about it and then never change anything, but by doing even one small thing toward a preferred future, we set it in motion! How cool is that?

Blessings to you in imagining a larger life!

Jan said…
I have not been here for a while but your post is inspiring. It reminds me that in order to make any dream a reality we simply must take a first step - any step! Wishing does not a life make. We must be clear about what we want and take action. I love the notion of co-creativity. That we create with the Divine as our partner. Don't you?

With love and joy...

Hope you are well and thriving!
Julie Smith said…
Jan, it's great to see you here again! Hope you are well. I love the idea of co-creating with the Divine. When I am stuck with a project/creation in my life and wondering why it is not moving along, I stop to ask myself if I am doing my part, or just sitting back hoping God will pick up the slack! Frequently I find that things are a little lagging on my end of the things! Imagine that?!

Hope you are well. We are in the midst of a long-anticipated move and I have hopes that the finish line to the marathon we have been on is soon to be crossed :)

With love,